Lane availability

Our community uses the pools for a range of recreational purposes and fitness needs. However, we do keep lanes open for casual lap and leisure swimming at all times.

There are no bookings required to attend Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. If you would like to book a lane for exclusive use, please

Please note: We keep lane availability as up to date as possible, however last-minute bookings may occur and information may be subject to change without notice. We thank you for your understanding.

Lap Lane Etiquette

We ask that all visitors to our centre observe the following guidelines for a safe and enjoyable swimming environment:

  • Please choose the lane most suitable for your swimming ability and stroke(s) you intend to swim during your visit. If you're unsure, please speak with one of our Lifeguards before you enter the pool. The following is a guideline of lane suitability:
    • Slow Lane: No speed limit
    • Medium Lane: Laps slower than 40 but faster than 60 seconds. Competitive strokes only.
    • Fast Lane: Laps faster than 40 seconds. Freestyle or laps faster than 40 seconds – no breaststroke.
    • These times are a guide only, the Lifeguards will monitor the lanes according to the abilities of the swimmers and may request that you move to a more suitable lane.
  • Keep to the left of the lane.
  • In order to pass a swimmer in front, swim past on the right.
  • If you have to move across any lanes please check both directions before moving. Please go under the lane ropes rather than over them.
  • Move to the corners of the lanes to allow other swimmers to continue swimming laps if you are waiting or resting at the end of the pool.